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Griffith uni halfway to its $125m philanthropy goal

Queensland's Griffith University says its under-the-radar $125m philanthropy campaign is on track to reach its goal by next year, in time for the university’s 50th anniversary. The university launched the campaign, A Brighter Future for All, last October after running ...

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Universities fail to provide healthy food environments

A new scorecard reveals that Australian universities are failing to promote healthy and sustainable food environments on campus. Deakin University’s Global Centre for Preventative Health and Nutrition (GLOBE) released its Uni-Food 2023 report yesterday, benchmarking the healthiness, equity and environmental ...

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RMIT FactLab still not allowed to check for Meta

Tech giant Meta requires staff at RMIT University’s fact-checking unit to undergo mandatory training before reinstating its partnership with the troubled division. Last week, Melbourne-based RMIT FactLab cleared one hurdle when the US-based International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN) announced the restoration ...

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